Listen to the Engineer Records show on Labelicious Radio

Labelicious Radio in Canada have run a special show on Engineer Records, and just in case you missed it you can listen in here:
It is hosted by Nathaniel Sutton (Hail Taxi) and has a few comments from me too.
Here’s the playlist:
1. Hunter Gatherer – Spelling It Out (Low Standards For High Fives)
2. Rydell – Fire At The End Of The Street (Hard On The Trail)
3. Breaching Vista – Desperation Move (Breaking the View)
4. Junior Achiever – California (All The Little Letdowns)
5. Ramona – Hanging On The Words (Mornington Cresent Now Open)
6. Son Of The Mourning – Glowing Orionid (Eulogy)
7. Come The Spring – For What It’s Worth (Echoes)
8. One Day Elliott – 100 Voices (Triple A-Side)
9. Elemae – Disappointment Book (Popular Misconceptions Of Happiness)
10. Cornflames – A Scoreless Draw (The Farewell Drive)
11. Blake – Superhero (I Was Young In The 90’s)
12. Crosstide – Not At All (Seventeen Nautical Miles)
13. Sirens & Shelter – Artist In Civil War (The Midnight Arrangement)
14. Eyeswan – River To The Sea (Domestique)

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