Kyle of WCFW speaks out on mental health

Kyle Burgess of WeCameFromWolves was asked to share some of his experiences with mental health issues and music with the fantastic MHF Live;
“I feel the work they are doing to remove the stigma associated with mental health, within the music industry in particular, is vital.
I was honoured to be able to share my story with the team and thank them for the opportunity.
I’m always here if anyone wants to reach out and have someone listen, no one should be alone when they feel their most vulnerable. We are all in this together.
To me music is all catharsis, all feeling. If I have an idea and demo it with a melody or lyrics that don’t feel real or evoke feeling, the song gets left behind. On that note, our single ‘Keep Close’ hit me harder than any I’ve written before… I gave truly everything I had into writing this for my Dad, I held nothing back. Just as he did for me so many times when he was here, it helped pick me up when I was down.”
His full interview is here:
Photo from the recent WCFW show at Broadcast.

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