Hail Taxi are back from touring

Hail Taxi (Nathaniel Sutton) went on a Mini Canadian-Alberta Tour from Edmonton to Calgary to Red Deer and performed on cold winter nights to a crowd keeping warm inside venues, it was a very intimate experience and received a great response. In support of “Apart For So Long”, he performed the new album in it’s entirety along with classic original “oldies” such as “Nevermind Nevermore” and “Groggy Morning” too.

HailTaxiWe’re happy to report that he’ll be back on the road in the US in the spring too with Hidden Cabins. And as well travelling he’s doing well at home too with “Apart for so long” reaching #4 on his local radio station charts! Have a listen here: http://www.earshot-online.com/charts/cjsr.cfm

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