Amalia Bloom’s ‘Maiden Voyage’

Stoked that we will be working with several other great smaller labels to help release Amalia Bloom’s new record ‘Maiden Voyage’ on vinyl very soon.
This record is about a boy who dreams a lot and embarks, unintentionally and for the first time, on a journey into his fantasy, which will lead him to understand a lot about the life he lives every day and from which he tries to escape, sheltering in his dreams. The lyrics face the themes of loneliness, dissociation and the need of having a guiding light, while feeling lost in the dimension of space / time, as well as in his own conscience.
The album contains 8 tracks that try to shape our very large range of musical influences: classic hardcore with special attention for the Californian pop punk and skate punk/rock,screamo, new school hardcore as well as acoustic and midwest emo. In “Maiden Voyage” you can hear all of these influences.
Check out the sampler on this spotify Link:
And the band on their Fb Page:

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